The Company's core businesses include manufacturing of power, telecommunication, and fiber optics cables.

Product Range

  • Bare Copper: Round wire, stranded wire.
  • Bare Aluminum: Aluminum wire, stranded wire, aluminum conductor steel reinforced.
  • Power Cables: Cross linked polyethylene insulated cable low voltage and medium voltage, polyethylene insulated cable, polyvinyl insulated cable.
  • Communication Cable: Indoor cable, coaxial cable, jumper wire, burial, drop wire, aerial cable, direct buried cable, duct (conduit) cable.
  • Optical Fiber Cable: Loose tube type of silica glass optical fiber cable for indoor, aerial, direct buried, All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) and duct installation.

Production Capacity

  • Power Cable-Aluminium  68,400 ton/year
  • Power Cable-Copper  20,160 ton/year
  • Optical Fiber Cable  1,440,000 fiber km/year

Market Segment
The Company markets its products both domestically and internationally. For domestic market, majority sales stems from PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (“PLN”) and PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (“Telkom”). In addition, the Company also supplies free market cables to contractors and distributors. For export sales, the Company markets to various countries such as: Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Srilanka, Myanmar, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Nepal, Korea, UAE, Yemen, Fiji Island, Australia, Eqypt, Cyprus, Brazil, Pakistan etc.