Profile Board of Directors

Indonesian citizen, was born in 1982, graduated from SuffolkUniversity, Boston Massachusetts, USA in 2001. He startedhis career at Gunung Subur Sentosa as Commissioner (2010). In the year 2013, apart from joining the Company, he also wasappointed as the President Director of Company's subsidiary, PT Cendikia Global Solusi. In 2014, he was appointedas a Commissioner in another Company's subsidiary, PT Prima Mitra Elektrindo, and in the year 2015, he becamea Commissioner in PT Cipta Karya Teknik, a subsidiary of the Company. In the year 2016, he was appointed as theCompany's President Director.

Chinese Citizen, was born in Jiangsu in 1972, graduatedfrom Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)in 1994. He obtained a Master's degree from NorthwesternPolytechnic University of California in 2006. Started hisprofessional career as a Service Technician in Suzou DongfengTelecommunication Device Factory in 1994, he served as Deputy General Manager at Hengtong Optic Electric in 1996before served as Deputy General Manager and Board Memberat Fujikura Jiangsu Hengtong Aerial System in 2003 - 2010, he was appointed Chief Operation Officer in JiangsuOFS Hengtong Optical Technology before he was appointedas a Director at PT Voksel Electric Tbk.

Australian citizen, was born in 1981. In 2003, hegraduated from Zhejiang University with degrees inBusiness Administration and Computer Science. Heholds a Master of Commerce (Honors) in Accounting andFinance from the University of Sydney. He started hisprofessional career in 2006 in Australia. In 2009 - 2011,he joined KPMG China. In 2011 - 2013, he served as Finance Director of a subsidiary  of Singapore TechnologyKinetics, before his appointment as Chief Finance Officerof Macrolink International Land Malaysia in 2014 - 2016.He joined the Company in 2016 as Director.

Indonesian citizen, was born in 1973, graduated from Bentley College, Massachusetts, USA in 1996. In 2009 - 2013,he served asFinanceDirectorat PT MitrayasaSaranaInformasi. In 2011 - 2013, he served as Director at PTTowerindo Konvergensi. He also served as Division Head of Risk Management, Audit & Transaction Management inTower Bersama Group in 2013. He joined the Company in October 2013 as Assistant Director of Manufacturing and inthe Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2014, he wasappointed as Director of the Company.

Indonesian citizen, was born in 1963. In 1984, he graduatedfrom the University of Southern California - United States atthe Department of Electrical Engineering. He also graduatedfrom the Philippine School of Business Administration inMaster of Business Administration majors. His professionalcareer began as QC Supervisor at PT Alcarindo Prima in 1985and his last position was as General Manager at the samecompany. He joined the Company in 1994 as BudgetingManager. In 2006, he served as assistant Director of Finance.At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2015, hewas appointed as Director of the Company. He was appintedas Commissioner of PT Bangun Prima Semesta in 2016.

Japanese citizen, was born in 1976. He graduated fromKansai Gaidai University, The School of English Language and Communication. Join the SWCCShowa Holdings Co., Ltd. Japan since August 2006, starting in Personnel Section at Personnel & General Administration Department. In 2011 He served as  an Acting Manager in the same Department. In 2012, He temporary transferred to SWCC SHOWA (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as a Senior Manager at Human Resource Department. He transferred back to SWCC SHOWA Holdings Co., Ltd in 2016 and join in Overseas Business Development Department. In 2017 He incorporated in Business Planning Group, Corporate Strategy Planning Department until today.In the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2017, he was elected as a Non-ResidentDirector of PT Voksel Electric Tbk.