Vision, Mission and Values


  • To become a leading cable manufacturer in Indonesia


  • To manufacture quality cables and to provide speediest delivery, superior value, and outstanding service for our customers.
  • To strive for excellent through cross-functional teamwork, agile thinking, and continuous improvement.   
  • To achieve steady growth and healthy profit that enhances all stakeholders’ value
  • To prevent workplace-related injuries and illnesses.   
  • To prevent environmental pollution.


Customer Focus
We value our customers and recognize that our business can succeed only if it can create and keep customers. In order to expand our customer base, we are determined to increase customer value through speedy delivery, caring services, and high quality product at the most competitive price. In other word, we are customer driven.

Integrity and Honesty
We maintain utmost professional integrity in dealing with our - suppliers, customers, employees, shareholders as well as other external parties. We encourage our employees to demonstrate honesty in our statements and conducts. We perform ethical, and fair business practices.

Passion for Excellence
We are committed to excel in everything we do - in planning and more importantly in execution. We motivate our people to be the best they can through continuous improvement and provide them a productive working environment.

We believe with an efficient system of check and balances, an organization can achieve great plan without making big mistakes. Besides minimizing business risk by diversifying our markets, we sought to prudently manage our assets by eliminating unnecessary currency risk and commodity pricing risk. Our decision making process will be based on reliable information, rigorous analysis and timely execution.

Respect and Recognition
We respect and trust every employee equally and treat one another as members of a team. We accept and encourage diversity in the workplace and embrace one another's cultural and background differences. Team and individual achievements will be acknowledged throughout the company.

Social Responsibility
We involve in community programs and actions that demonstrate our care for the people around us. We maintain healthy and safe workplace and involve in protecting our environmennt. We ensure that our employment practices and facilities reflect responsible citizenship.