Official Announcement of PT Voksel Electric Tbk

Regarding Fraud Modes in Recruitment Activity


Regarding to false information and alleged fraud recruitment activity on behalf of PT Voksel Electric Tbk, the Company confirm the following:

1.    PT Voksel Electric Tbk and its subsidiaries never collect any fees in any amount and any form in the process of recruiting new employee.

2.    All of recruiting process carried out by PT Voksel Electric Tbk internally and never collaborating with individual, travel agent, and/or any party who demand any payment or transfer some money or giving recommendation to buy a ticket or any other form of compensation.

3.    Every step of recruiting process hold in Operational Office, Jl. Raya Narogong Km. 16 Cileungsi, Bogor Regency – Jawa Barat - 16820

4.    Recruitment information only can be accessed via company’s website and official email with domain The company never use free email service (ex: gmail, Hotmail, rocketmail, yahoo, or Ymail) or room chat.

5.    PT Voksel Electric Tbk hereby NOT responsible for all forms of loss, both material and immaterial, caused by recruiting process on behalf of PT Voksel Electric Tbk.

If you found there is a recruiting process on behalf of PT Voksel Electric Tbk and its Subsidiaries, please do:

1.    Do not respond the recruitment invitation from institutions or individual or email addresses other than those mentioned above.

2.    Do not pay or transfer anything.

3.    Do not give your personal data, such as bank account number, credit card number, password, ect. to anyone. If you give such information, please call the police.

4.    You can send us information regarding alleged fraud via email and including evidences.