Internal Audit Charter


Pandapotan Damanik was appointed as Head of the Internal Audit Unit by the President Director with Decree No. 126/HR-SK/VI/2019

He started his career as Tax Consultant at DBI Consulting (Tax & Management Consultant) (2003-2005), Auditor at Public Accounting Firm Kosasih, Nurdiyaman, Tjahyo & Co, Crow Horwath International affiliates for internal audit unit division with the latest position as Audit Supervisor (2005-2011). Pandapotan Damanik is also a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Indonesia.



As the guidelines of Internal Audit Unit in carrying out their duties, the Board of Directors established Internal Audit Charter, which elaborates the organizational structures, scope of work, authorities, membership requirements, code of conducts, as well as duties and responsibilities. 

As for the duties and responsibilities of the Company’s Internal Auditor are as follow: 

  1. Developing an audit strategy and audit work plan and development planning of skill and abilities of auditor based on risk-based audit in line with the achievement of the vision, mission and strategy of the Company in general.
  2. Planning, implementing, directing, and reporting realization of audit activities (operational, compliance and fraud) to the Management with copies to the other Directors in accordance with the level of information.
  3. Reporting important matters related to the internal control process, including reporting the possibility to make improvements to the process.
  4. Monitoring and checking the follow-up on the results of internal and external audit.
  5. Coordinating the activities of the Internal Audit Unit with other work units in PT Voksel Electric Tbk. and the External auditor based on assignment management.
  6. Providing assistance in the form of input in the improvement of systems, procedures and policies that needed for the achievement of efficiency and effectiveness of internal control activities and thus aligned with the mission and objectives and strategies of the Company.
  7. Preparing and updating the Audit Quality Development program and human capitals development to evaluate the quality of the audit activities of the audit team in order to maintain the quality and produce professional auditors.
  8. Carrying out the administration to support the orderly administration and reporting of internal audit activities.