Optical Fiber Cable For Aerial Installation


This is optical fiber cable intergrated with a messenger wire
for aerial installation. This cable is loose tube core. if armoring
is necessary to prevent damaged by rodents, insect, and shot
guns, a peripheral high strength yarn can be applied.

1. Steel Wire Messenger
2. PE Sheath
3. Laminated Aluminium Polyethylene Tape
4. Water Blocking Tape
5. Jelly Filled Interstices
6. Peripheral Strength Member (Aramid Yarn)
7. Rip Cord
8. Binder
9. Filled Rod
10. PE Strength Member Jacket
11. Glass Reinforced Plastic
12. Gel Filled PBTP Color Coded Tube
13. Single Mode Color Coded Optical Fiber
14. Quad Twisted Copper Conductor (Optional)
15. PE Insulation (Optional)

Other specifications are available upon request