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Three Cores Type N2XSEYBY, NA2XSEYBY

Conductor Stranded compacted circular copper or aluminium conductors. All internal interstices of trie conductor rilled with water blocking compound which is specified to prevent ingress of water through conductor during storage, handling, installation and operating of the cable.

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new product

Single Core Per Tube (SCPT) Distribution Optical Cable

In Optical Fiber Cable, Single Core Per Tube is one type of cable used to capture one or more optical fiber for the purpose of providing solution for FTTH distribution cable. With design easier to split the fiber core and…

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New Development

1.AGM 2016

The Board of Directors hereby invites all Shareholders of the…

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2.Abiding taxpayer of year 2012

Paying taxes is a form of active participation and contribution…

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3.Leadership training

The HR held Advance Leadership Training Program: Train the Leader…

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