BOD Charter

The decree of the President Director of PT. Voksel Electric Tbk., No. 17 / VE / DIR / V / 2016 dated 1 June 2016 regulates the duties, powers and responsibilities of each member of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors duties and functions are to manage the Company’s business and control daily operational activities based on the applicable Laws of Limited Liability Companies, Article of Association, and GMS in order to achieve the agreed target. Other than that, the Board of Directors is also responsible to carry out the Company’s social responsibilities, and paying attention to the interest of stakeholders, as well as constantly encourage the implementation of good corporate governance. Every member of the Board of Directors is required to have a proper qualification and continuously develop competency by attending seminars and professional trainings according to each duties and responsibilities.


President Director

Leads the Company and is fully responsible for coordination and the Company’s internal control system in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and the Company’s performance. The President Director is also responsible for preparing long-term strategy, implementing good corporate governance and ensuring the management’s activities according to the Company’s vision and mission. The Board of Directors directly lead the Internal Audit Unit and Corporate Secretary Unit.

Vice President Director

Vice President Director leads the Quality Assurance Directorate directly. Aside from its leadership in directorate, He also leads 2 (two) committees, Tender Review Committee in cooperation with Operation Director, and Hedging Committee in cooperation with Director of Finance and Operational Director, also reports directly to the President Director.

Operational Director

Director of operational oversees Procurement Directorate, responsible to manage and strategize the purchasing of raw materials by conducting hedging transactions to reduce fluctuation risks of LME price: Operation Support and Manufacturing Directorate, responsible to manage production strategy to achieve the targeted quality, cost and delivery as well as overall improvements.

 Finance Director

Leads the Finance and Accounting Department, and responsible to monitor and ensure all finance and accounting function is well managed and can support the Company’s business strategies and maximize Shareholders’ values. Director of Finance is also responsible to evaluate the performance of Financial and Acconting Department.

Commercial Director

Commercial Directorate responsible for all marketing activities and strategy in accordance with the determined target through planning, organizing, controlling, as well as evaluating periodically.

Human Capital Director

Leads the HR Department, General Affair (GA), Safety, Health and Environment (SHE), and Information and Technology (IT) departments.

Corporate Business Development Director

Leads the department of Business Development, Management Development, and Management Improvement.